Reader for eBooks, Audiobooks and Comics
Reader for eBooks, Audiobooks and Comics

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tiReader 5 — eBook and Comic Book Reader (iOS).
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tiReader 5 — eBook and Comic Book Reader (iOS).
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How to migrate from tiReader 2 Pro 4.10 to tiReader 5.x

tiReader 2 Pro 4.10 must be installed on your device and you have to run the app at least once.

Install the free version of tiReader 5.x from the AppStore and run it.

Go to Main menu > Settings menu and make sure that tiReader 5.x is unlocked to the full version.

How to transfer your Library between different versions of tiReader

Step-by-step guide for Library transfer between different tiReader app. It's shown on the example of Library transfer from tiReader Pro v4.2 to tiReader 2 Pro. The transfer between any other versions of tiReader (v4.2+) is done similarly. In particular, this is also true for transferring the Library from tiReader 2 Pro v4.10 to tiReader v.5.x. Your app version number can be found in menu Settings or Support.
  1. [00:00]
    !!!Open iOS Settings menu. Set Auto-Lock to źNever╗. Switch ON tiReader 2 Forced Import mode.
  2. [00:28]
    Open tiReader with your Library and create a backup copy of the user's metadata (bookmarks, annotations, tags, attributes).
  3. [00:52]
    In tiReader check the size of your Library.
    In my case 102 / 6293 (5.87GB), it means 102 folders, 6293 files, Library size 5.87GB.
  4. [01:14]
    Open tiReader 2, then close źWhat's New╗ and delete the folder źtiReader Test eBooks╗.
  5. [01:42]
    Remove tiReader 2 from the iOS background.
  6. [01:54]
    Connect your device to iTunes.
  7. [02:04]
    Copy your Library from tiReader to tiReader 2 via iTunes.
  8. [03:24]
    Open tiReader 2 and wait for the import process to complete.
    The import process will be completed when the size of your Library in tiReader 2 matches the size of the Library in tiReader.
  9. [03:56]
    After the import procedure is completed, simply tap the backup metadata file in tiReader 2.
    The process of restoring user's metadata at tiReader 2 will be started. Please wait for this process to finish. If the metadata import process is interrupted, it can be restarted.
  10. [04:28]
    Open iOS Settings menu.
    Return Auto-Lock switch to its normal position.
    Switch OFF tiReader 2 Forced Import mode.
After unlocking tiReader 5.x and transferring to it your Library, you can delete tiReader 2 Pro.

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