Search and Filters menu Panel consists of Filters List and advanced Folder View. Tap on Filters List to select one or more filters. Activated filters are combined through a logical AND.

Filters Search, Rating, Tags and Types differ from other filters in that they have a windows for editing. Tap to call the corresponding editing windows. In the future, to call the editing window (Tags, Types) tap the button .

On the Filter button Tag and Type are always displayed their current status. If the filter settings are not specified, then displays the filter name: Tags and Types, respectively.

If AUTO mode is turned ON, the activation of any filters leads to the display the list of all the books in the library corresponding active filters.

When AUTO (Off), you can view the filters action in separate folders and not in the whole library.

Folder View:
  • Hide folders — displays only documents.
  • Flat view — displays all subfolders and all documents of Library at once.