Library Interface

Edit Bar

Tap Edit on the Toolbar to display the Edit Bar and enter Library Edit mode.

In Edit mode you can add a new folder.

In Edit mode, the Sort menu replaces the Left Sidebar and blocked access to the Main menu and Search and Filters menu.

IMPORTANT. To display a new folder, turn OFF the Hide Folders mode in the Search and Filters menu.

Edit Bar

  1. Tap the desired folder / document to select, or tap Select all. A gray check mark can appear in Flat View mode and means that the document / folder is already selected (as part of another selected folders) and cannot be selected once more.
  2. Tap and then Delete in the pop-up window if you really want to delete a folder / file.
  3. Tap to go to the Move and then select the destination folder. The current position is highlighted in popup window.
  4. Tap to go to the Copy and then select the destination folder. The current position is highlighted in popup window.
  5. Tap to Rename file / Change title, author… Apply the new name in a popup window and tap OK.

  6. Tap to Add to Zip / Unarchive.

    The button Unarchive available only for archival documents (RAR, ZIP). Tap and in a popup window, select the required documents for import to the library.

  7. Tap to export.

    Open in…
    This is available for the file only. Tap to display more options. Available options depends on the selected type of file.

    Export to Cloud
    Export to selected Account of Cloud Storage Service. In the popup window select an account, and then, the folder in the account.
    Tap on the Toolbar to choose Transfer List. After the upload is complete, tap Goto to go to the selected file in the Cloud.

    Export metadata (.trmb)
    Export to the backup copy only of the user's metadata (bookmarks, annotations, tags, attributes).

    The metadata file has extension .trmb and allows you to transfer (synchronize) library metadata (up to the file) between different devices or between different versions of tiReader. This format does not contain the documents themselves. After download the metadata file (.trmb) to the application being synced, just touch it.

    Important. The paths of synchronized documents in libraries should coincide.

    See also How to transfer your Library between different versions of tiReader.

    Export to Backup File (.trdb)
    Backup file has the extension .trdb and allows you to:
    • make backup copies of the tiReader Library or any part thereof (up to the file) to your computer or to the cloud service;
    • copy tiReader Library or any part thereof (up to the file) to another device or to another version of App (for ex. from tiReader Lite to tiReader Pro).
    The full path of the document, all of its attributes and bookmarks are preserved in these operations. All document attributes and all folders of the full path are completely restored in the import operations.

    After download the Backup file into the App's Library, just touch it.

    For a quick search Backup File (.trdb) activate in the Library filter New.

  8. Tap New, Favorites, My List, Read or stars of Rating to change the attributes. All changes are visible at once.
    iPad in portrait mode with the left sidebar, iPhone: Tap to edit attributes.
  9. Tap to assign / edit attribute Tags. Make the necessary changes in a popup window.

    Illegal characters in the tag name: space, underscore,%, quotation marks [ ], comma, semicolon, oblique separator \.

Tap Done on the Toolbar to close the Edit Bar and exit from Edit mode.

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